Hi, I’m Lucy, a healthy living fanatic, full time student that has a long list of running ambitions.

In 2014, in my late 20’s, I decided that I would follow my dream to become a Dietitian, a dream that has changed my life and created some interesting and challenging life opportunities. I have grabbed this with both hands and making as most of the experience as possible.

Being a mature student this change hasn’t come without its adjustments, having had a good career before deciding to return to education I have my habits and finer things I enjoy in life. this mainly for me involves my day to dietary loves, including freshly cooked food, the interest to experiment and explore new foods so I have been aiming to keep this going despite the challenges.

This is not a scientifically based blog, simply my own views and experiences that I happen to want to share with anyone that wants to read it…. I really welcome and look forward to getting feedback and getting other athletes and students involved : )

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